"Virtual Assistants providing administrative solutions & more in order to assist our clients in managing their office efficiently!"

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Calgary Virtual Assistants for entrepreneurs & small businesses that offer services in different industries.

ASSISTIFY Virtual Assistants is a Virtual Assistant Company founded in 2021 to help entrepreneurs and small business owners who are feeling consumed with daily office tasks, yet do not require a full-time or even a part-time admin assistant. Hiring us to do office tasks takes away the frustration of having to do them yourself, and allows you to focus on growing your businesses. Why do tasks that could be completed quickly and efficiently by individuals who are skilled with handling such duties? We customize our solutions to suit your needs by offering hourly rates or the option to purchase monthly blocks of time. Our goal is to ensure that your needs are met!

The Founders have 50+ years of combined experience in office administration, office management, retail and restaurant management. They are skilled in exceptional customer service, effective communication & excellent organizational skills.

ASSISTIFY Virtual Assistants provide services to entrepreneurs & small business owners in many different fields of service. See the types of businesses we can provide services for here

Thanks to technology we can successfully provide services for Canadian businesses from British Columbia all the way to Newfoundland & Labrador!!