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    We have been using Assistify Virtual Assistants for the last 7 months the stress and time that has been lifted off us has been invaluable.

    Danielle S. - Business Owner
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    With Valerie & Lisa at the helm of Assistify Virtual Assistants you are guaranteed to have your office running smoothly. From general administration to management and everything in between you've got two great girls who know how to get the job done! They have both worked for my company previously and I am delighted to not only be working with them both again, but to be recommending their new business to other business owners.

    Phil M. - LiveLife Alarms, Calgary AB
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    I highly recommend Assistify Virtual Assistants because I've known Lisa for over 15 years, and what I know about her is that she is friendly, organized & always wants to help others succeed. When she commits to something, she commits whole-heartedly and she puts 100% into whatever she does.

    Arlene K - Kamloops BC
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    I was wearing too many hats, trying to do everything to keep my business running smoothly but I was losing time trying to keep my admin duties up to date which is not my forte. Assistify Virtual Assistants has taken those duties over and they are super organized, easy to deal with, and know how to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

    Joe P. - Contractor
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    Highly recommend Assistify Virtual Assistants to entrepreneurs who are a one-man show but require an extra set of hands occasionally during the month. The team at Assistify Virtual Assistants does a great job at keeping my office tasks in order.

    Patti S. - Business Owner